Drone Surveillance

Drone Surveillance

Drone Surveillance

At SDS Investigators our drone pilots are CAA approved and use state-of-the-art drones equipped with the latest high definition cameras. The on-board cameras can produce both photo stills and real-time video footage.SDS Investigators have access to an exceptional range of drone technology and with over 20 years of investigative experience, we believe you can feel confident in using our surveillance drone services to achieve the results you need. 

Drones and the type of results you can expect 

We work with private individuals and companies. No matter the situation, we have the right drone to meet your needs. We believe unmanned drones will give your investigation the best chance of success in any situation where traditional surveillance methods would be impractical or expensive. 

Drones for surveillance 

Example 1 – a homeowner in the country suspects a neighbour of cruelty to animals. 

It would be difficult for an investigator to be on the neighbours

property without raising suspicion and permission. A drone could be deployed to unobtrusively obtain photographic evidence. 

Example 2 – organised fly-tippers illegally depositing waste. Vehicles being used to illegal fly tip at locations would be difficult without being seen. Drones could be used to track the vehicles or photograph or video the flytip while the investigators remain safe and unobserved. 

Even to capture evidence of anti-social behaviour In some area’s youths are causing trouble while moving from street to street and co-ordinating their movements by mobile phone. With the advantage offered by a drone the actions can be monitored, recorded, and used in evidence later. 

Drones can even assist any investigation 

With over 20 years investigative experience we know what works and what does not. Weknow what technology to use, when to use it – and more importantly – how to use it safely and effectively. If you are troubled with situations that need resolving call us now while it is on your mind. SDS Investigators drone operators are CAA approved and are fully insured and operate in accordance with the law at all times. We are specialists in covert surveillance operations.

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