We carry out our electronic TSCM (Bug Sweeping) service in London and the surrounding areas on private residential properties, office, boardroom, hotel suite and commercial building along with vehicle’s including checking a car for a tracking device or electronic hidden bugs, along with vans, lorry's, boats or planes. As technology improves on constantly and spying gadgets cheap and easily available on the internet. Listening devices are no longer the equipment used solely by the Police and government agencies. The public, businesses, journalists or reporters and private investigators are using them on a constantly to collect information on peopleand businesses in order to obtain private, sensitive and sometimes valuable information.Our TSCM operatives in London and UK are able to attend a property or location usually within 24 hours and carry out a search for hidden electronic devices with minimal intrusion to your routine or business. 

A specialist search for a COVERT/HIDDEN device can take several hours as we ensure that all areas are electronically scanned and thoroughly checked to detect for a hidden camera, telephone line tap, audio bug, wireless interceptor, computer hacker or vehicle tracker.We can also provide an assessment and risk prevention strategy to combat illegal and unwanted electronic intrusion by means of spying devices. Operating throughout London we provide a comprehensive electronic counter surveillance service to London and the surrounding area. As counter surveillance bug sweep experts (bug removal) detecting the presence of covert surveillance equipment.Using a spying bug to listen to someone’s conversation or secretly watch someone in their private environment is a frequent occurrence in homes, office and cars in and around London. Our bug sweep service is comprehensive and expertly carried out using the latest technology. Searching a house or workplace for electronic spying devices is best left to the experts. Our equipment can detect nearly all types of electronic surveillance equipment,irrespective of who has planted the spy device. WE STRONGLY ADVISE IF YOU BELIEVE YOUR DEVICES ARE BUGGED THE CALL US FROM ANOTHER PHONE OR PAY PHONE. 

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