Data Recovery from Devices

Data Recovery from Devices

Data Recovery from Devices

Recovering a deleted text on a mobile telephone, along with many other portable devices is essential in today’s modern society. Unfortunately they are increasingly used in criminal activities. They are also used to hide the fact that a partner/spouse may be cheating on their other half.

SDS Investigators has the technology and the know how to recover the deleted text messages forensically. This is from the devices such as mobile phones (contract & pay as you go), PDA’s, laptops, tablets. Sim cards and even flash drives (data stick, thumb drive) too!These details may provide geographical information as to where the subject was at a certain date and time.

This information is widely used with the Legal Profession and can be used as evidence in a Court of Law. below are a few examples of what we can recover: –

  • Text Messages
  • Photographs
  • Call Logs
  • Chat Messages
  • Deleted Files
  • Phone Books Contacts
  • WhatsApp messages
  • WhatsApp contacts

This service is bespoke and is beyond the reach  of most private investigation companies out there.We are also one of the only private investigation companies who can provide a high tech chip removal interrogation service for older mobile telephones.

If you have any further questions with reference to this service, please call for a FREE, no obligation chat. Alternatively, if you prefer just email. 

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