SDS Investigators have been providing surveillance services to businesses around the UK and London and Worldwide since 2009, providing commercial organisations with evidence of a crime or fraudulent activity where suspicion already exists. Using our investigative and surveillance knowledge and including the very latest in covert surveillance technology, we are able to either deter offenders or provide short notice services to assist in the production of evidence that enable organisations to take action.

Using sophisticated Hi tech communication equipment, photographic imagery equipment and specialist vehicles, our surveillance teams are trained to work in challenging environments whilst gathering the necessary information, ensuring that if necessary evidence is and can be admissible in court or tribunals. Additional technical resources such as vehicle tracking devices are used to enhance the capabilities of conventional on-the-ground covert surveillance when legally justified. Our surveillance procedures are undertaken in accordance with current legislation requirements and our code of practice. We operate a clear guideline policy on the covert recording andstorage of data in relation to surveillance subjects. Detailed written surveillance logs are maintained throughout surveillance projects. Wherever possible/relevant we will provide edited video and photographic still footage from the day’s surveillance. Our covert surveillance operatives are highly experienced and trained personnel drawn from Police Backgrounds.

We install in the correct manner electronic surveillance, such as covert CCTV and audio, is a highly effective during any investigation. Each client’s requirements are installed by our highly trained technical staff using the most up to date technology, our equipment can be concealed in the most unexpected and inconceivable locations, whether that be in a ceiling, telephone, or a specific/unique company product.

Electronic Covert Surveillance may be used on either a short or longer-term basis for a variety of purposes in a multitude of environments, even the most sensitive of locations. All covert electronic surveillance investigations are conducted within current legislative guidelines and we will not undertake any illegal activities.

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