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One of the common used quotes of law enforcement officers is “The evidence doesn’t lie.” What they don’t say, however, is that the evidence is also open to interpretation in many cases. When a crime is committed, it is the job of police officers/detectives, and prosecutors to interpret the evidence and make an arrest. But what happens if law enforcement misinterprets that evidence and arrests the wrong person? What happens if that person is you? If that happens, it’s important for your defence solicitor to hire an experienced criminal defence investigator to see what evidence the police might have missed or wilfully ignored.

What Does A Criminal Defence investigator Do? 

The easiest way to think of a criminal defence investigator is to think of them as a police officers (and at SDS Investigators we were) but they’re on your side. In a perfect world of course, police officers would remain unbiased, but we all know that’s just not the world we currently live in. Too often, police investigations will jump to a conclusion first, and then gather evidence to support only that conclusion. If they find evidence that contradicts the conclusion they’ve already decided on, they may just ignore it or downplay its importance. When your defence Solicitor hires a criminal defence investigator, their job is to examine the evidence the police have already gathered, interpret it, and look for any additional evidence that may prove your innocence. 

What Kind of Evidence Will They Find? 


If police only collect enough evidence to support their assumptions, they may miss critical information that could exonerate you as a suspect. For example, a criminal defence investigator might: 

  1. Speak with witnesses other than the victim to verify the details of an event 
  2. Revisit a crime scene to see if the evidence police gathered supports their version of events 
  3. Talk to your friends,family, and co-workers to see if they have information or evidence that could exonerate your or back up your claims 
  4. Collect physical, digital,and other forms of evidence that the police may have missed or ignored 
  5. It’s not uncommon for law enforcement officials to stop collecting evidence or interviewing witnesses once they have what they think is enough to make an arrest. This is why it’s so important to have a criminal defence investigator working on your case. Their job is to make sure all the evidence is collected and analysed. Not just the evidence against you.

How Do I Hire A Criminal Defence Investigator? 

In most situations, your defence Solicitor will be the one who will recommend hiring an investigator. Defence Solicitors routinely work with
private investigators and know which ones will be best suited for your case. If your Solicitor doesn’t recommend hiring an investigator for your case, ask them why. If you believe there is evidence that can exonerate you, your Solicitor should be doing everything in their power to bring it forward as quickly as possible. 


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