Background Check

Background Check

Tenant Background Checks 

While you may know that potential employers do background checks. So do estate agents. Landlords that know a little more about their prospective tenants is important. If you don’t investigate who they are beforehand you run the risk of possibly having to evict them and make costly repairs after they are gone. If a Tenant Background check is done it is easier to make an informed decision to allow them to rent or not. SDS will find out anything we can to ensure that you will be able to tell your prospective tenant yes or no without a shadow of a doubt whether you will be their new landlord or not that a background check can reveal everything, and even those that might a questionable lifestyle.  

Employment Background Investigations 

Did you know that when filling out an application (employment, renter, roommate, childcare) people do not always tell the truth? Well it’s true, we can help you figure out if that person is telling you the truth by running a background check. Then you will know the person you are letting into your life a little better than the application they have submitted. We currently provide these services to, employers, renters and roommates. Maybe you just want to know a little more about the person you are striking up a new relationship with let SDS put your mind at ease. 

Nanny Background Check 

Our children are very precious to us and for that reason, the people that take care of our children should not only take care of them as we would but keep them just as safe.At SDS it is our job to get down into the facts and provide background investigations that will give you the perfect Nanny.

All records that we search are in accordance with GDPR 2018 

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