Tracing Services 

SDS are highly qualified in the location of missing persons. We are in London, but our tracing services can operate nationwide and can even help locate people who may be in other countries. Our tracing services help companies, individuals, solicitors and
by using tracing techniques and open source intelligence. 

Tracing Missing Persons

SDS have experience and understanding of locating missing persons, whatever the reason. All our tracing services are conducted legally within the GDPR laws of the United Kingdom, and usually and typically for the following: - 

Debt witnesses,Absconded tenants .Beneficiaries,Process Serving,Family members/friends

Locate Debtors

Assessing where to start when tracing can be complex. Fortunately SDS has access to numerous databases which we will search through to find the subject of a trace.Being able to track down debtors ensures you can recover what is owed to you as promptly and efficiently. 

Trace Legal Witnesses

We can also trace legal witnesses, so they can appear before the court or find someone for the purpose of serving legal documents. 


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