Background Check For Employers

With our background check service, you can find out everything about a potential employee or director without having to give them any personal information. Our databases will provide the insight necessary for making an informed decision on who should be part of your company – so all it takes is one conversation with our investigators!
Hiring the wrong person could do more than just risk internal fraud or income loss – it’s also a matter of business reputation. Background checks don’t have to be difficult, time-consuming and costly; with our assistance from SDS Investigators, due diligence is easy.
The person you’re about to recruit may not be who they say on their CV. A potential candidate providing fraudulent identification could cause your DBS criminal check, which is designed for checking whether someone has been convicted of a crime and should therefore never pass through it without serious issues especially since there are many ways that people can have valid reasons why obtaining one would benefit them personally in some way (for example if certain disabilities prevent holding an actual job). Social media accounts often reflect real life behaviour; seeing what’s going on inside someone’s head will give insight into how trustworthy or unreliable he/she might turn out being when hired.

Background Check

Has a new person come into your family? Is your son or daughter dating someone that you don’t feel comfortable with? Perhaps you have been chatting with someone on a dating site and are now thinking of taking the relationship to the next level? If any of these scenarios apply, one of our discreet and comprehensive background checks will give you the peace of mind and security you deserve and allow you to make the right decision, based on FACTS. For a consultation contact us.

Child Custody

SDS Investigators has proven investigative resource for divorce attorneys and their clients. Cheating spouses, substance abuse by drug addict parents or alcoholic parents, child endangerment, and other matters where the child safety is a vital concern. SDS is relied upon for their knowledge, expertise and abilities at documenting child custody matters through surveillance investigations, background checks, and asset investigations. As a large part of the difficult process of divorce cases, SDS is sensitive and understands what is needed and how to accomplish the for obtaining child custody for a husband or wife.

The children are the most important asset in any divorce. We know that to help the concerned parent is to help the child or children in a custody matter. Both Fathers and Mothers as well as their solicitors use SDS services to document cases of wrongdoing by the spouse that will have an effect on the court’s decision in child custody cases.

SDS Investigators  Services include:

• Video Surveillance
• GPS Tracking Devices
• Locate Services
• Background Check
• Hidden Camera Sales & Installations
• Asset Investigations
• Due Diligence
• Undercover Pretext Work
• Decoy Services

We understands your needs and will find the truth and document it as well. No one has more resources than SDS Investigators when it comes to investigative tools, skills, experience or resources. 
Contact us for a free investigation consultation to get the help you need in your Child Custody Matter.
Same day emergency private investigator service is available!
SDS offers a complete list of investigative services for all of your  needs.

Cheating Spouse

Our discretion is paramount in cheating partner and infidelity investigations and you can rest assured that your partner will not know of our existence and that you will receive all the evidence you need.
Our final reports will be accompanied by photographic or video evidence. This will prove that either your fears are justified and that your partner has been unfaithful, or possibly that you have no need to worry as your partner is innocent and you can continue your relationship as normal with peace of mind.
Out of the numerous cheating partner and infidelity investigation cases we have worked in the past 18 months, over 80% of the cases proved that the clients suspicions were correct and they received the evidence to prove it.

Infidelity Investigations

One of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to you is finding out that your spouse is cheating on you. Equally painful is not knowing if your spouse is cheating on you and the prospect of a loved one being unfaithful can be agonizing and extremely disruptive to your everyday life.

According to statistics, wives who suspect their husbands of cheating are correct 85% of the time, while husbands who suspect their wives of cheating are correct 50% of the time. Research has suggested that approximately 60% of men and 40% of women will cheat at least once in their marriage. Despite the prevalence of cheating, 70% of married women and 54% of married men do not know about their spouse’s infidelity.

These statistics do not even include nontraditional forms of infidelity. It is estimated that alarge number of male and females have virtual encounters of a sexual nature on the internet which many consider to be “emotional affairs”.

At SDS, we see this firsthand every day and understand your pain and fear. You are not alone and we have been fortunate to help many people in similar situations in getting the information they needed for closure and to move forward and on with their lives. Once someone seriously suspects infidelity, unfortunately more often than not, their suspicions are correct. This pain and fear is very real and our Firm takes your pain seriously. You deserve to know if your partner is cheating and we can help you get that proof to give you the closure that you need to move forward and on with your life.

Investigations will vary based upon your needs and the private investigator conducting the investigation. However, many times an investigation to catch a cheating spouse will include:

  • Discussion with the client – Before our investigators begin their pursuit of the truth, they gather as much information as possible about the spouse in question, including regular activities and hobbies. Though it may be painful, the more information you share the more successful the investigation will be. For investigators, confidentiality and respect are standard.
  • Surveillance – Our private investigators watch your spouse using advanced surveillance methods to ensure that you obtain the evidence you need. Some of these methods include tracking your spouse’s vehicle, searching their assets, and monitoring their internet activity.
  • Presentation of Evidence – Evidence gathered by our professional private investigators can not only give you peace of mind via indisputable proof, but will also stand up in court for potential divorce settlements.

Investigations into cheating spouses can range from a couple hours to several months. Regardless of length of time, when you go to see a private investigator about a cheating spouse you will be treated with discretion and respect. The investigator will listen to your suspicions, take them seriously, and will ask you how you want the investigation to be shaped. You will remain in control of how the investigation proceeds and your professional investigator will investigate your spouse on your terms until you are completely satisfied. You will be able to get regular updates about the status of the investigation and only you will get to decide what to do with the information that is gathered.

If worries about your spouse are affecting your relationship or causing you stress, speak with one of our professional private investigators today.

Data Recovery from Mobile Devices

we can help you with a variety of different data recovery related problems including

  • Uncover hidden financial information.
  • Have access to Data that may have been erased to cover tracks.
  • Find hidden documents.
  • Find history of any instant messages.
  • Find any illicit material.
  • Installation of spyware programs.
  • Find information on a users Internet habits.
  • Recover copies of email.
  • Recover deleted images.
  • Recover deleted SMS/text messages
  • Recover call lists
  • Recover contacts

Covert Camera Installation

Hidden cameras or covert CCTV can be deployed for a great number of reasons. Maybe an employee is taking advantage of your trust, or stealing from you, and you would like to get to the bottom of it.  While issues such as this can start off small, they could become more serious as time goes on and the staff member becomes more confident. Catching the misdeeds taking place minimises the chance of this getting out of hand.

Following installation, the cameras will be very discreet. They are equipped to record high definition or 4K Ultra High Definition. This can then be simply accessed from here to your devices, where you can watch the feed in real-time or recorded footage.

Get comprehensive evidence

Workplace investigations are an important, yet sensitive area. It can be difficult to proceed with investigations into grievous or gross misconduct, and it’s so important that a truly fair and independent investigation is carried out. Gossip, conversations as well as general opinion can muddy the perception of individuals. It’s, therefore, necessary to gather all the necessary evidence.

As a part of workplace investigations, covert security to monitor problem areas affords the opportunity to gather evidence on behalf of clients. 

Ex-police and Military Operatives

Our staff are all highly trained professionals, with a military, police or other specialist service background. We offer a wide variety of solutions and are happy to talk about your needs and give you a bespoke service tailored to your personal preferences.

Our professionals are extremely experienced when it comes to surveillance in almost any setting. They have all been trained to the highest standards to deliver the best in surveillance service technology.