Every one of our Investigators in the global network we work with undergoes a series of strict checks and we pride ourselves on our ethical approach to detection, using only legally tried-and-tested methods to get results. We have years of experience which means all of our investigators are acquainted with traditional and modern methods of detection. We believe each job is unique, but no case is unsolvable! That’s why we provide each and every client with a dedicated Investigator or team of Investigators to work on every investigation, as well as a personal adviser to keep clients informed of the latest developments.

Private and Commercial Investigators – In modern investigations there is no substitute for experience. Combine this with the latest technology available in the investigation industry, a perceptive understanding of human nature, together with a truthful understanding of current laws, SDS Investigators provide you with one of the best services available in the UK investigation Industry from an award winning team.

SDS are dedicated to providing their clients with a level of service that aims to continue to promote the advancing profile of the Investigative Industry. 

Understanding your problem and offering advice on how we can help you resolve it, in a  cost effective manner is one of our main goals.